He had to get it

Muncher had his two month vaccinations yesterday. We’ve decided to follow the Dr Sears method so he only received 2 instead of the 6 he normally would have gotten. Poor little boy took it like a champ. He only whimpered a little. He slept most of the afternoon and evening then yesterday. I was hoping it would be the same today, but no such luck – he was fussier than fussy. He’s finally asleep, we’ll see how long that lasts.
I don’t understand how some parents can go without vaccinating. I mean, I hate to see the little man suffer too and be so uncomfortable afterward, but it’s for his own good. We are stopping certain illnesses from occurring by vaccinating. I do feel that it is a good idea to limit how many shots a child gets at one time though – their little bodies can only process so much and even though there may be kids out there that do fine getting 6 shots at once, I don’t want to subject my child to that.
How do you feel about that?