I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a full nights sleep. The one time I was able to a few weeks ago (has it been eight weeks already??), I was only able to because I was 6 hours away from the little Muncher, spending the night at my aunts in a room, on an air mattress, with both of my sisters, my niece and my brother (we were not all on the same mattress!!). I hardly slept ~~ K kept tossing and turning, I was freezing and I woke up to a wet shirt (and even with that I was still able to pump 9 oz!!) We were there to say good-bye to our Grandma, it was not a good time ~~while there we realized that we had not only lost her, but so much more as well.
But that is another tale to be told, one day….. maybe…..
So about last night… the muncher was fighting sleep. You see he usually dozes from 7pm until anywhere between 9 and 11 pm. So we got a late start last night, but he was sleeping by 8. He nursed, while asleep (yeah so I stuck a boob in his mouth, sleeping, which man doesn’t dream of that later… ok maybe not moms boob, but…) and hubby put him to bed, thinking he would be up for his midnight snack, so he was in comfy clothes, but not his pj’s. Fast forward a few hours, past all the boring stuff and I hear him cry, look at the alarm, it reads….. 5:05 am!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! Now he’s changed, fed, and sleeping again………. Wait what am I still doing up? Oh yeah Roll call on SITS~~~ did that~~ I guess its back to bed for me. Will give back some comment love later 🙂
Maybe tonight he’ll sleep in his pj’s, I’ll be prepared for another (crossing my fingers here) night of sleep 🙂