Sick, work and yes lack of sleep…

I’ve been too busy lately and I’ve been sick – for over a week now. I still feel like crud and the bags under my eyes could hold two weeks worth of vacation clothes. But it’s getting better – I’m not going through nearly as many tissues now as I was a week ago.

A lot has happened in a few days – I went back to work on Nov. 2. I didn’t make it there very long and have been at home with the Muncher now since the 17th. Hubby started a new job outside of the home that day – so many new things to get used to. I am loving being at home with the little guy. I feel like I’m not missing out on as much any more. I finally was able to see him flip over from his tummy to back and we even were able to video it too. The two of us are slowly getting back into a routine, a little different from daddies, but not too far off. Our house is thanking me now too!!! Can you believe it – given a but more time and effort I may just turn into Mrs. freaking Cleaver!! Ok I doubt I’ll ever be that good – but it’s something to strive for. I have cleaned or organized everyday this week and I cooked dinner every night too!! And not the turn oven on and heat for 45 minutes type of meal – oh no – homemade pizza, homemade cream of chicken rice soup, tacos (ok so the meals were all fairly easy, but still nothing pre-packaged- not bad for someone whose head was pounding as soon as she sat up!!)

I want to thank all of you for commenting on my sleep post – I wish I could say that he’s kept it up, but it seemed to have been a one night sort of deal. Infact it’s been getting worse, but I think that may be due to the Muncher having a stuffy nose. That’s ok – I’ll have another full nights sleep one day (hopefully not to far away!!)