Busy little beaver

Noah has been one busy little boy these past few weeks. He slept through the night (the first and only time so far) Oct 30th. He then spent 2 weeks with daddy watching him during the day. As I had written in a prior post Noah decided to roll over from his tummy to his back the day after I went back to work. That was it with that then for another week. I tried to do everything to get him to roll again, but with no luck. Finally, on a day that I stayed home (gotta love getting sick!!) he rolled over again. Just once, but I was there to see it!!! He’s still not the champion roller – I don’t think he’s really figured out what it is that he’s doing when he’s doing it, but he’s rolling every now and then and we were fortunate enough to get it on video too.

Noah had a special visit on Nov. 8. He got to meet his Great-Grandpa, his Great-Aunt Debbie and Great-Uncle Ben. My aunt was out here on a business trip (she’s an awesome carver, check out her stuff) and on their way over to IL from PA, they made a quick stop to pick up my grandpa in OH. This was the first time they met Noah, seeing that he was to young for me to bring with to my Grandma’s funeral. Grandpa loved him – you could just see it – and Noah felt right at home in his arms.

This is also where we caught the bug – the one that I still have. The one that has now been passed on to my loving husband ~ why is it that men get so much sicker than women, even when they aren’t as sick? It’s not Emma’s fault though (I guess my youngest sister K left a message on N’s phone blaming Emma for getting everyone sick. Since we all sound alike though, N thought it was me that called – nope no way, may think it, but would never actually say it haha) Don’t you just love the photo of N on the couch with Noah and Emma?

Now that I am at home again, Noah and I have been keeping busy – well I have been keeping busy and he’s been watching me. He changes so fast right now. Currently he is fascinated by his hands – and his ability to be able to put them into his mouth. It’s funny to watch – there are times when I think he’s trying to get his whole fist in his mouth – both of them…. at the same time.