I almost had an attack yesterday as we passed the gas station. $1.89 for regular!! I don’t know if gas was even this low almost 5 years ago when I moved back to the States. I know that it was well over $4.00 less than 6 months ago.

Now, you can’t tell me that there isn’t anything a little f’ed up about that. I mean not that much has changed in the past 6 months for gas to drop almost $2.50. Sure the speculators are out of the picture now that the economy is in the dumps, but really? Seriously? Did they really cause gas prices to go up that much by causing an artificial demand? I guess so. I’m loving it.

When I left Germany in Feb 2004, gas there was over 1 Euro per liter of gas. At almost 4 liters in a gallon, I was already paying about $5.00 for a gallon of gas back then. So when I moved back to the states and heard everyone griping about paying $2.50 for a gallon I couldn’t understand it. That was cheap compared to what I was used to!! But now this…. I love it – it almost reminds me of gas during my high school days (but it was even less then – right around $1.00 per gallon back in the mid 90’s). How nice it will be to be to be able to tank up the ole Galant for less then $50.00.