Cookie Monster

So my day yesterday pretty much started out with a “When are we going to have some cookies?” The big kid (aka my hubby) wanted cookies – sugar cookies to be exact. I was asked this question every 15 minutes for the next few hours then. Even while I was getting the dough ready, and told him that it had to chill for at least an hour. Every 15 minutes.
Oh it’s not like he wasn’t busy himself. He was sealing off the windows so that the Muncher wouldn’t be stuck in a drafty home this winter. I swear the builders skimped out on everything in this place – the drafts at the windows were terrible. Not to mention it was Sunday, so football was on the TV. But no, every 15 minutes – “When are we going to have cookies”
Finally when I had gotten the first sheet cookies baked and on the cooling rack, who should come along and start grabbing at them. This time – between mouthfuls- it was “when are you going to put on the icing. I had to laugh – he is the biggest child ever!! I’m still working on getting all of the dough baked off and he wants icing. Gotta love him.