How long will it last?

Ok, I thought that pregnancy brain ended – oh lets say… when the kid pops out of you. Not so I guess. For the past few weeks I thought that the Muncher had his four month appointment on the 9th (today) the day after he turns four months old (easy way to remember it right?). Told everyone this – the grands – everyone. I was a little concerned because there was a winter weather advisory put out for all day today rain/sleet/snow – all of it (also known as a slick messy bunch of crap on the road, and lots of cars in the ditch).

So this morning I get up and jump in the shower right after feeding the Muncher (usually I wait to wake up first). Hop on the computer, open Outlook and what do I see – a reminder for the appointment. Not today. Tomorrow. Wait what? Huh? That must be wrong, I remember it being the 9th. Search for and find the card from our last visit (only took me 20 minutes and it was actually where I had left it – in my messy trying to organized way). Yup – there it says it. Plain as day. The appointment is the 10th. Tomorrow. So I get to do it all over again. Yay.