4 Months Old

Our little chubs turned 4 months yesterday!!! And to celebrate he decided to stay up all day, ok maybe not all day – he took 3 naps totaling 1 hour. Poor parents. Really – he was so over tired that he fell asleep at 8, but kept waking up screaming. But no matter what I tried he would not sleep during the day, go figure. He’s making up for it today though and is sleeping most of the day away – great for him, probably a sleepless night for me 😉

He will also be going to the pedi tomorrow for his check up and shots (DTap and Rotavirus). So I will be letting you all know then just how big and how much our little chunker weighs. Do not expect it to be under 15 pounds!!

Enjoy some more pictures of him from the past few days…..

Our Friday photo -I try to get one every week!!

Noah wearing his cami’s – he’s trying to be in the baby Army!!

Just looking cute on a snowy Tuesday morning