Catching up

I have some catching up to do!!! The past week has been a bit out there – haven’t been on the computer very much. I was trying to get all of my shopping done last week because we had our gift exchange at my moms on Saturday (will post some fun pictures in a later post).
My brother and his fiance were in town from sunny and warm Tampa, Florida (hate hate hate him right about now!! We’re getting snow… again!) Oh, did I mention we had a bit of snow last week – and again this weekend – oh yeah… and again today. There is a pile of snow next to the driveway that’s taller than me (may have to take a picture of that too).
We froze our tushies off this weekend – it was -6 on the way down to my moms on Sunday. I had contemplated not driving down that day seeing that we were there all day Saturday and it was frigid out, but stupid me – I wore my sisters shoes home the night before. So down again – took Muncher with me so that he could spend some time with his uncle, plus this way I had someone with me in the car, although he’s lacking a bit in the conversation department.
So here I sit, trying to catch up on posts (I have some things to pick up at other blogs!! yay!) – I braved the roads today to pick up the last gift this morning- a gift card, very original I know – and to get a new light bulb for the fish tank. (I didn’t leave the house yesterday because the windchill was -20 – little did I know there was another snowstorm coming today – just another 5-9 inches YAY!! Maybe I should have went out yesterday instead) Hubby’s working from home today, so I thought that I would pick us up some Wendy’s on my way home. I get home, get Muncher out of the car, get the purchases out and finally the Wendy’s bag. I unpack it – 2 baked potatoes – check… sour cream and butter – check… big bacon classic with cheese for hubby- check… chicken nuggets for me – ch…. wait dammit where are my nuggets?? They forgot my nuggets – I was looking forward to having them today – usually get the chicken sandwhich. Any other day I would have turned around, driven back, complained and gotten my nuggets. But not today. I was happy to be back inside, out of the car and off of the snowy, treacherous roads. Oh well.
Enough for now… I want to go read some blogs and catch up on comment love!!!