Once a day…

At least once a day it happens. Sometimes in the morning – other times around 5 pm. It doesn’t matter when, it’s bound to occur. The blow out. And no, I’m not talking about hair here.

We’ve nicknamed the Muncher “the Super pooper” here at home. That’s what he is. They tell you when you start nursing not to be alarmed, breastfed babies often go 2, 3, even 6 days without pooping. My niece did, so I was expecting something along that line with my little boy. Boy was I wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that my sons bowels are doing what they need to and are over super active (3 times a day). It’s great that he doesn’t get all constipated and fussy. But really – do I really need a blow out every single freaking (trying to work on the swearing at home, so I’m being good here too) day?

It’s such a pain in the ass, um I mean butt. Take yesterday for example… it’s Sunday morning and we’re getting ready, because Muncher had a 2 o’clock appointment for pictures (didn’t get 3 month pictures, so these were the first “real” pictures taken of him). I give him a bath – after his first full diaper – I figured we were good to go until this afternoon. I have to give it to the kid he may be full of shit, but he’s pretty regular about his times. He’s taken care of and in a “I’m-in-my-Sunday-football-outfit-because-I’ll-get-drool-on-my-good-outfit” outfit, so I decide to finish getting ready. Hubby takes Muncher out of his jumperoo because he’s fussing, walks over to me to show him what mommy’s doing and then places him on our bed. Propped up on my pillow. Muncher fusses again- hubby comes in the room and then I see it. On his shirt. It’s unmistakable. The stain. Mustard yellow and just general ugh. I go to Muncher, pick him up and I see more – not just on him, but all over my pillow. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!! (It ended up being mainly on the pillow case, but that baby saw a washing like no other yesterday!!)

Needless to say the bath yesterday morning – useless. Thank goodness he didn’t have his picture outfit on. The pictures went smoothly (though we did have to wait 30 minutes past our appointment because they were running behind), he could not have been better. The lady even told us to come back anytime – that he was the easiest baby to photograph. Hmmmm – do I hear the whisperings of a baby modeling career?? 😉