Holiday Fun

The holidays are over and we all survived – though not with out a day or two of chillaxing. Noah spent more time sleeping yesterday than he had in a very long time. It was great to see all of the family this past week. My brother and his fiance were in town – they couldn’t have picked a colder or snowier weekend to fly in, but its what to expect here in Chicago. They’re lucky though, they got to fly I won’t write much, rather I’m just going to post some pictures taken since last Saturday.

Trying to get into the gifts!!!
Emma and Noah – I loved the look on her face!!
Auntie K giving kissesSleeping on uncle P’s lap
Trying to relax like a man
This is what we woke up to Christmas Eve morning – the snow was piled up to the bottom branches of the tree – taller than me!!
If you look closely you can see the big puffy flakes of snow!
Where’s Santa??Ok, so he ‘s a boy with a bow on his head – shoot me – I thought he had a cute expression.
Little Baby Santa
Testing out cousin Emma’s bow horsie
Eating Opening gifts with Grandpa R
Playing with Grandma C
Sitting on Uncle B’s lap
mmmmm candycane
Finally at home and taking a nap with Daddy