Spam Comments

I hate SPAM!!! and no I’m not talking about the stuff that comes in a can. I have now gotten spam comments two days in a row here at the Musings. I hate Spam – detest it. Especially when it is filled with hyperlinks and written where it makes no sense at all. Just words thrown together to make a sentence (ok I admit sometimes I may be tired when I write or comment and it may seem I do the same thing… i.e. hubby pointed out that in one of the pictures on my other blog I said that Muncher was a “boy with a boy on his head” had to fix that – was supposed to be a bow, but anyone who saw it knew what I meant).

I enjoy not having to have my readers have to put in the word verification when they leave comments, mainly because I like not having to do it myself when I leave comments for others. I see the theory behind it, but I want to keep it simple for you. So I will continue to omit that process from the comment form. Instead I have put the comment moderation in place, so that each an every comment must now be approved before it can be seen. A bit of a pain I know, but I figure its just one my click than I usually make anyway.

Its just my way of telling SPAM to stick it – sure I’ll still see it, but you won’t have to! 🙂 (as I am writing this I’m getting spam IM’s on my ICQ account – I HATE SPAM!!)