Did it again

So those of you following this blog may remember back in December how I goofed on Munchers Dr’s appointment. For those of you who don’t know – quick catch up – I thought it was the day before it actually was. So I had gotten everyone (meaning the 2 of us)ready to go and then had to do it all over again the next day. Looking back now – it was a hassle (early morning appointments are not my cup of tea, I’m no morning person), but no big deal.

Well…. fast forward to 12/31. I have a doctors appointment. You know the yearly girly kind of appointment. I thought I was doing great – set up reminders everywhere. On my phone, on the pc, random notes… just so that I would not forget the appointment at 11:30am. Hubby was home that morning, so I got Muncher ready and everything packed (we were going out afterward) so that hubby could go to Sam’s while the Dr was doing her thing and then pick me up afterward. I was just about to walk out of the door, but first I just needed to change purses. And that’s when I saw the appointment card. The one that I thought had told me the appt was at 11:30am. For some reason it now said the appt was at 10 am!!! It was already 11!!!! @#!?ing @$& $%!^@ yeah the thoughts flew (couldn’t say it was holding the baby). A quick call later and I had to reschedule (I swear she was laughing at me when I asked if I would still be able to come in…naaa she’d never do that…. not on New Years Eve).

No word on whether or not I will be punished with the no show fee, it was an honest mistake and I called. That should make up for it right? My new appointment is tomorrow of all days (once again almost made the too early mistake, thought today was the 15th), for those of you outside of the midwest, the high here tomorrow probably willl not hit 0 degrees, and that is not with the wind chill. It’s not so much that I’m dreading the bitter, bitter cold, I dread taking the little guy out with me in it. I’m glad that I got a new battery in my car a few weeks ago, but am still crossing my fingers that it holds up. I’ve also made sure to take a lighter with me in case the locks freeze and have 2, maybe 3 blankets in the trunk. That’s the price I pay for being an airhead, a new mom screwing up.

I hope you all stay warm and if your not freezing like we are then just suck it i hope you enjoy it!!