15 Days

I’m the biggest nerd (both self proclaimed and so called by hubs and my family).

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a little package in the mail.  A pre-ordered package that was gifted to me at Christmas. One that will arrive in 15 days. You see on Feb 16th, 2008 the package I will be receiving will contain…..

wait for it…..

drum roll please…

I may have to forgo blogging for a few days while I get lost in all that is the Sims 3. I still have both the original Sims as well as the Sims2 (both with countless expansion packs). I have lost hours, days, weeks, no months of my life to that game (please keep in mind this is over the course of almost 10 years). It’s an addiction that I thought I had broken when I had Noah, but I am weak.

I am not weak enough to submerge myself back into the millions upon millions of players world that is W.o.W (or World of Warcraft to you non geeks). I have my husband to thank for that addiction. We called it warcrack. I justified spending hours glued to the computer playing that, by saying that it was social – I could be playing and talk to people in Australia at the same time. Yeah right. Hello, my name is Michaela and I am a recovering W.o.W junkie. Blizzard temped me last week by sending me an invite for 10 free days of play to try out the newest expansion. I still have it in my inbox. It keeps screaming out for me to come and play. If it weren’t for the love I have for my child, I might just do it. I can’t though. That was the difference between the Sims and W.o.W. I could walk away from the Sims at any time, which is why I’m not so afraid to play it. W.o.W wasn’t so easy to walk away from, because I might be playing with others and have to play for hours at a time. That would not be good, for me – or the boy. Hello, my name is Michaela and I am a recovering W.o.W junkie. So yes…. I. am. a. nerd. Please don’t think less of me for it. 🙂