Bloggy Love… and lots of it…

I received this lovely award from Vickie over at Vickie’s Scrapbooking and Tidbits. If we lived closer I would totally take her out for some cake and coffee… or pizza and drinks… whatever, but there are a few states between us (and the great Lake Michigan) so right now all I can do is send her my heartfelt thanks for all the bloggy love she keeps bestowing upon me!

So out with the brutally honest:

1) I hate wearing socks in the house. No matter how cold my feet get you will usually find them sockless. I seem to trip and fall up or down the stairs when I wear them, so I try to avoid it.

2) I’m not very good when it comes to housekeeping – I try, but it doesn’t seem to help. I even have a book called How to Clean Anything (yeah, I haven’t read it yet). When I told my hubby that I owned it, he said “it must not be a very good book“… I knew why he said that. I then told him that I hadn’t read it yet…. his answer “oh , well that explains itass

3) I’m a giant procrastinator (which is probably part of the problem with #2). All my efforts to change this terrible habit seem to fail… due to…. procrastination.

4) I have become very addicted to blogging – reading or writing, it seems to take up most of my time when I’m at the computer.

5) I am a nerd. I was in honors and AP classes in high school and graduated 12th in my class; love W.o.W. and the Sims; the History channel, HGTV and Discovery; I read fantasy novels (if you haven’t already done so check out the Outlander series and the A song of Ice and Fire series); I also tend to remember stupid useless bits of information that no one will ever need to know.

6) I am not very fashion savvy. I don’t even want to say how little I spend on clothes, make up and hair in a year – it’s a pathetically small amount. Despite all my efforts (by watching What Not To Wear) to learn how to dress and be more stylish, I have yet to see a change in the end result.

7) I am deathly afraid of swimming in water where I can’t see the bottom. Its sort of like being afraid of heights, but only waterized (made that up).

8) I knew that I was going to marry my husband after only two weeks and told my youngest sister that I would.

9) After the beagle goes I don’t want another dog for a very, very long time. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs, I can’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t had a dog. It will be odd, but I’m soooo over them right now. I’m over cleaning out her cage everyday, over cleaning up the pee spots all over the house because she seems to think now in her advanced age that the whole house is her own personal toilet despite the fact that I take her out numerous times throughout the day the accidents, I’m over the heartache that happens when you lose a pet family member that you have loved and cared for for years. I think I just need a break from dogs right now. That is until the next time I walk into the pet store and see the puppies in the cages all sad and lonely.

10) I love ice cream – no really loooove ice cream. So much so that last night, while seeing how we could spend a gift card that we got for Macy’s, I found this and thought it would be the perfect thing to have:

Not only does it make ice cream, but it makes 2 batches at the same time. Now add that to the single ice cream maker that I already have (and love) and I could make 3 batches at the same time!! My husband laughed when I told him about it, but I think secretly he thought I was a genious!!

So there you have it, 10 random facts about me. Once again, not passing it on because I know that many of you have done this already, but if you haven’t and would like to take part then feel free to take the award and leave me a comment so that I can get to know you better 🙂

I received some other awards too. This one is from Ally over at Mommy Love. She has the cutest little kids… one of which is just now eating solids and another is getting potty trained… now tell me she doesn’t have her hands full! Thanks!!!

I’m passing it along to Vickie… Her girls are adorable and she can do things to a scrapbook that I could only dream of doing 🙂

The next award I received was from Noah’s Mommy over at Project Mommyhood… the appreciation award is for lovely and witty comments and for always knowing the right thing to say at the right time…

I love reading her blog… She has more style than I could ever have… but then again that was a major part of her life before Pooh… who btw, is the sweetest little thing in town although he seems to give her some of the same night troubles mine does… and I am so jealous that she has already had a date night!!! I can only dream 🙂
So I’m going to break the rules… again… I’m trying to get this post finished while Noah is getting a few zzz’s…. so this one goes out to all of my bloggy friends. I love reading your comments and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that I get when the little mail icon pops up letting me know you’ve written.

Last but not least I got this award from Vickie. It’s and award that was started by Audrey and you can find the story behind this award here.

I am actually going to do something a little different… I’m not only going to pass this on to So Not Mom-a-Licious, but I feel that Vickie deserves to receive it again, so it’s going out
to the both of them.

So in the words of Porky Pig “That’s all Folks!” I may have bent the rules a little on some of them… I know, I know… but it doesn’t mean that I’m a bad girl… just a girl trying to blog a little in between trying to get things done at home (including making tonights dessert… Chocolate Fudgesicle Ice Cream… had to sneak a taste before putting it in the freezer… yum!!)