Cranky Baby

This post is going to be short and sweet, because I still have a alot to get done this morning before I leave to go visit the Grandma and Omi.
Noah’s first little tooth is coming out. It broke through the skin last night and I noticed it while feeding him. All of a sudden there was a little flash of white and since I was feeding him homemade sweet potatoes, I wondered what it could be. I have a picture of it here.
Fast forward to bedtime… lets just say it was not fun and there was a time where we were up for about an hour. We are both tired and cranky and I’m hoping that he falls asleep for the hour+ that it takes us to get to where my mom and MIL live…. and then again on the way home. Heck I wish I could fall asleep in the car, maybe I’ll take a nap at my mom’s while she plays and gushes over the little guy.

Don’t forget the Sound of Music giveaway ends today at 11:59pm central time. I will have my husband pull a name tomorrow morning and will post the winner then!!