Getting to know me Saturday: prologue

A few weeks ago I wrote this… take your time to go back and read it if you haven’t already… I’ll wait… Ok… done? Good.

So… I had mentioned starting a weekly feature where I would let you get to know me a bit better. This is the first of those posts (well the prequel to the first I guess)… and although I find it hard to get posts out on a regular basis on specific days, I will try to get this out weekly. (Unless of course you don’t want to get to know me, in which case just let me know and I’ll shut up)

So where do I start… ah yes, what provoked me into becoming so introspective. Two words… my mother. A few weeks before I even wrote that last post (we’re talking early February/late January here folks), she calls me up to tell me that she just read my blog. I figured that she meant Noah’s blog, you know catching up on the updates, that sort of thing. Nooooo…. she had been reading this one and wanted me to know that I had a typo… thanks mum!!! (Yes I say mum and no I’m not British) Her next statement caught me off guard… she told me that she liked my writing… and that a friend of hers had read this blog (gasp and double gasp, not only were my moms friends going to Noah’s blog, but they were also coming here!) and told her that she liked how I write as well. I’m not an attention seeker by any means, but I was flattered (and no I’m not writing this just to get more flattering comments!!).

As I’ve said before, I started this particular blog just to write what was on my mind. I used to keep a journal… way back when. I would write in it when I was homesick, when I had met a guy… and then when I either broke it off or got dumped. I wrote when I was when I was depressed and occasionally when I was happy… but I haven’t written in there in years… in fact I think my last entry was shortly after I met my husband four years ago. Writing was my release, because I had a tendency to bottle all of my emotions up otherwise.

I started writing here as a step toward getting back to that. I didn’t want it to get too deep though and for the most part it hasn’t… yet.

Anyway… my mothers words started turning the wheels in my head. I’ve been looking for something creative to do (as if I didn’t have enough projects started already) and since I’m not really the “let it flow right out of you” kind of put it on canvas artistic person, I started thinking (hypothetically of course) “If I were to write a book, what would I write about?”

One topic and one topic only jumped into my mind. The story of something that happened about 15 years ago. The only problem is that if I were to write that, I would also quite possibly be opening Pandora’s box.

I couldn’t let it go though and what had happened way back when was all that I thought about for a few days. I thought about how it changed our lives… I kept trying to remember specifics, but couldn’t… I have repressed quite a bit of what had happened during that year. I feel I need to write about it… to get it out of me, because deep down I know that I am still battling those demons and it is affecting me.

I’m not going to jump right into it. So I will make you endure getting to know me first… from the beginning on. I feel it’s the right thing to do and besides, I have to work up the courage to talk about that subject first so that should give me the time I need. 😉