Thank You and updates

I want to thank you all for your kind and encouraging words of support. I’m having a rough start in the food department of my new plan, but the encouraging comments are helping. Lets face it I like my food, but I need to learn to like the quality of the food more than the quantity!! =)

Noah has not been sleeping much better these past few nights. His first tooth is pushing through more and more every day, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem now. It seems that his second(!!!) tooth is coming through and that was causing him some pain the past two days. I took a few photos of him in the bath on Monday and you could see the little bugger just hiding there right under the skin, so we knew it wouldn’t be too long before that one popped through too, which it did yesterday.

We took him to the Field Museum in downtown Chicago on Saturday (Rays birthday!!). We had actually planned on going to the Shedd Aquarium thinking that it would be more interesting for him, but they are currently working on revamping some of the exhibits (the ones that we really would like to see) and the line was just way to long to wait in with him. So instead we went to the Field and Noah had a blast (while he was awake). There’s an exhibit going on where they shrink the humans down to the size of a bug (or smaller) so that you can see what the underground would is like. Our little guy couldn’t stop laughing and looking around in there. We had fun and I think he did too. I can’t believe that the last time I was there was back in ’96 and that was only because I had to do research for an Anthrology paper. I hope not to wait that long before we go again!!

I am so happy to have a really good steam cleaner here at home. Having a dog is taking it toll on our carpets and since Noah is now rolling to get anywhere and everywhere, I really didn’t want him on the bare floor. I spent yesterday cleaning the carpet in the living room and loft and all I can say is EWWW GROSS!! The carpet downstairs in the living room was disgustingly dirty and I had cleaned it the beginning of December. Upstairs wasn’t as bad, but it still wasn’t great. What disgusts me about it is that we do not wear shoes in the house… I’m changing my answer to this – I am now wearing socks in the house at all times, just pray that I do not fall going up the stairs!! I won’t feel better though until the rest of the rooms are cleaned… maybe tomorrow.

In other news, I was approached by a company the other day and asked to review a product (I think I smell a giveaway!!). I’m not going to say too much about it yet, but I am really looking forward to trying it out!! So look for that in the near future =)

Well it’s now time for my breakfast, a yogurt and two slices of whole wheat toast with jam!! That’s more than I usually eat… I’m not a breakfast person, so that should help push the munchies away until lunch!!