2.5 Seconds

2.5 Seconds is all it takes to turn my happy smiling little boy into this:

He was just over 3 weeks old in this picture

What could cause such an intense reaction? Food, or better said (written… whatever) lack of. I have to time his meals just right. If I have his food ready too early, his mouth clamp tight and he won’t eat… if I have him wait even just one second too long… well you see the picture.

The good thing is that now that he’s eating some finger foods, I can give him a Cheerio or a puff and he’ll be busy with that while I get the real meal ready. It’s not that I’m not prepared… I am. He usually starts the tirade once he’s seated in his high chair, while I’m finishing getting everything in his bowl. But even at the times where everything is prepared, he just cries away… “No need for a bib Ma, can’t you see I’m wasting away???!!!” (Yes… I understand baby scream and that is what he’s saying)

Is there any question now why my son… who was born at a low 6lbs 1 1/2oz… is 19 1/2lbs at eight months? He loves his food!!! (I did the me on scale then him with me on scale thing yesterday, though he did sit still enough later for me to weigh him alone too – no mistakes there 19 1/2 lbs)

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