8 months old!!

I can’t believe it!! Noah is 8 months old today! He has grown and changed so much these past few months. He now has 2 teeth, both on the bottom. He rolls like a little fanatic. He has begun to babble a lot more now and has even figured out how to fake cough.

Which brings me to two new videos!! We took them last Friday while he was being exceptionally cute.

Here we have Noah’s 2009 White Sox predictions

and we also have Coughing Noah

He’s doing great as far as food goes and seems to like almost everything that goes into his mouth. He loves to eat Cheerio’s and Gerber puffs on his own and likes it when we give him water from a straw.

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since my last update on here, so here are a bunch of pictures for you to see too. =)

Posing with my dad at the Field Museum on his birthday

At the Field Museum on Daddy’s birthday

Goofing around on the couch
Balloons are so much fun!

Munching on some celery at BWWs

Bath time cuteness

Chilling in my bathrobe

Helping mama make the bed

My mini play-pen

Say “Cheese!!”

1 word – Cheerios