9 months

Our dear little stinker is nine months old today!! I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by!!

We had his nine month check-up this morning. Everything went well… he weighed in at a healthy 19lb 15oz (he’s in the 70th% there), he’s 28 3/4 in long (45th% there) and dum dada duuuum… my kids has his daddy’s head… 46.5 cm (he’s in the 85th% there!!!)… um hello… glad it was only in the 10th% when I had to push it out!!

He has learned so much these past few weeks…

  • he now gives “High Fives”
  • he gives kisses (he’ll hold his mouth open and lean into you and wait til you kiss him)
  • he babbles a lot more, but no real words yet
  • he can pull himself up in his crib (when he’s in the mood to, of course)
  • he has pushed himself up with his back against the couch
  • he is starting to cruise while holding on in his crib, onto the sofa and the coffee table
  • he’s really getting used to walking while holding my hands

He is just such a joy to be around… I mean even today when he got his Polio vaccination… he didn’t cry. Sure his lip turned into a pout and started to quiver a little, but he took one for the team and sucked it up (despite missing his morning nap if I may add). He is such a happy little boy and I’m so happy that he is our son!!!

(and if your not sick of seeing him yet, I will be posting even more pictures of him soon… Noah went on his first “hike” last weekend!)