9 months

At this time 9 months ago I was recovering from what turned out to be a very quick labor and delivery. Just the day before I had my 38 week appointment and was given the news that no mother wants to hear… “Your baby stopped growing at 35 weeks. We don’t know why… it could be a number of causes, but he has to come out and we want you to go to the hospital so that we can induce you tomorrow.” Shock, disbelief and oh.my.freaking.gawd!!! it was really going to happen!!!

My husband and I had joked about it for weeks… wouldn’t it be great to have our little guy born on 08/08/08… how fun would that be??!! We never thought it would really happen though, because 1) what are the odds and 2) he was due two weeks later. So naturally he thought that I was joking when I called him and told him to pack his bag, we were having a baby the next day… he realized quick enough that it wasn’t a joke though.

Long story short, our little bundle of joy greeted us about 30 minutes before I was supposed to be induced on 08/08/08! (If you want to read the whole thing just go here)

I still often catch myself just looking at him and thinking “Holy crap, he’s ours and we get to keep him!” So with that said, happy 9 month birthday honey!!

(If you want to see even more pictures of my little bundle of destruction joy, just pop on over to his blog. I just updated it with lots and lots of pictures!)