Marengo Ridge Hike

A few weeks ago we decided to take Noah out on his first hike. It was finally dry after a rainy week, so we pulled out our new book “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Chicago” and looked to see what was fairly close to us. After seeing that Marengo had some trails we packed up the new stroller and Noah and headed out.

Here is our picture story:

We saw this egg laying on the ground… it was as big as a chicken egg and we think it may have been a wild turkey egg.
Noah was not looking amused as we started our hike.
There’s wild life in these woods!!
As you can see it was a bit muddy… this was at the beginning of our hike… it got worse, much worse (my socks are stained from the mud!)
Noah was getting happier with every passing minute…

Look I think that may be a smile!!

This was a giant ant hill – Ray put his hand by it so you could see just how big it was!
The hill overlooking the Marengo Ridge valley.

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