Mr Destructo

Someone… and I’m not naming names here, but someone has decided that he does not like to see anything lined up or stacked. If we even so much as start to stack blocks… and I’m talking just putting one on top of the other… this little destruction machine makes his way over to where we are and knocks them over as soon as we can put one on top of the other.

With that said, I should have known better than to stack books on top of each other as I was cleaning up and putting things away (as in filling the bookshelves). Quicker than I could react, Mr Destructo showed up and knocked the books over… but instead of pushing them, he pulled them towards him. Do you see that scratch by his eye? Do you see how puffy it is compared to the other? Yeah that was a big… no huge mom fail!!

Needless to say I don’t think that he will be a Twilight fan… well Twilight maybe, seeing that that wasn’t the book that attacked him… it was Eclipse. Now I also know why little kids books have rounded corners.