I gave in…

I’ve joined Facebook. I vowed that I wouldn’t… I mean I have a Myspace account that I haven’t touched in months… in fact I’ve been meaning to delete that account… I should do that… maybe later.

I am addicted to blogging and have joined the Twitter-verse as well as many other social media sites (that I pay way too little attention too if I may add, if you’re interested though I have badges to a few of them over in the sidebar). So why, oh why would I join Facebook? One reason… my husband wanted to be able to link to me as his wife.

Yes folks, there you have it. I have yet another place to keep updated with attempts at witty phrases and pictures of my son. Yet another place where I will have to make sure that I don’t accidently ignore someone when they write me… or I guess write on my wall. Another thing to get used to and to avoid getting get addicted to. Why do I have this… to please my husband.

I will try my best not to let my blogging get too far behind, I promise!! I mean I am very, very close to reaching my 100th post!! I would like to reach that… oh… say with in the next few days!! =) With this post I am one post closer =)