A New Toy

My husband finally did it. After months of debating whether or not we should upgrade to a better camera, he decided to go and buy the Canon T1i and we love it!!

Almost 13 years ago, I bought my first SLR – a Canon Rebel S II. It was a great camera and I lugged it around everywhere with me. The only thing is that it is a film camera and well, lets face it… those are a little obsolete now.

We went and bought our new toy on Saturday morning. We played around with it… learning about all of the features and what not, and Ray got some good pictures of Noah (some I’m posting here and some I will be posting on the other blog). I must say having had an SLR before, I just feel so much more comfortable with it than with a regular point and shoot. I can actually get a macro shot on the first try (like the one above) and the detail is amazing! I can’t wait for it to stop raining so that I can take Noah and the camera out again! =)

But that’s enough gushing for now! I want to get some work done on the pc while Noah’s sleeping (on my lap again). I’m planning on combining all of our blogs into 1 and am trying to find a layout that will work how I would like it to. So… yes… there will be some changes taking place in the (hopefully) near future. =) In the meantime enjoy some of the pictures Ray took: