There will be changes…

In an effort to make blogging easier, I will be consolidating my blogs. The first two to be put together are this one and my reviews/giveaways. Eventually (hopefully in the not too distant future), Noah’s blog will be integrated as well and it will be one big happy blog… with it’s own domain name… we’re still working on that.

I’ve just found that it is too hard to make sure that all blogs are updated regularly (ie Noah’s blog) and I feel bad about that. I mean another month has past where I didn’t add anything to that one… granted there were 3 posts in one day, but still.

Sooo….. going forward, you may see some reviews and giveaways on here instead of where they have been. And…. when the time comes to make the big change and all three become 1 in the new home, I will let you know!

Gotta go now though, someone just woke up and wants to climb!!