Tell it Tuesday

tell it tuesdays
  • I am officially a college student again. I signed up for classes last week at our local community college. I registered a little late, thanks to not getting all of my paperwork from the college, so many of the classes I wanted to take were booked out already. So this semester I’ll be taking art appreciation and speech (yay!! I just love getting up in front of people and giving speeches… not!!). I’m stepping back into the college waters slowly… I’ve been out of school for 9 years now and haven’t gone to an American school or college in 12, so yes… I was being overly cautious when registering.
  • I still haven’t bleached my wisdom teeth – they’ve been out for a month now – hello procrastination! It’s just when I look at them… well, they sort of gross me out.
  • I like fireworks, but I get seriously ticked off when I hear people setting them off at 1:45 am (like last night). That is going a bit too far.
  • Noah had fun on July 4th. We got a bit rained out during the day, but it stopped in time for us to be able to go see the fireworks. His eyes were as big as saucers when the first one went off and his little jaw dropped. About half way through, he started pointing at them and saying “ohhhhhh”… a few minutes later his little eyes started closing and his head started bobbing and he fell asleep to the finale.
  • Huey Lewis was a blast on Sunday. We had so much fun eating ribs and pulled pork, listening to the music and hanging out with friends. Noah also behaved so well despite not having his usual naps… well… he skipped his afternoon nap entirely and was up past his bedtime. He’s even got a new buddy now… he really had fun playing with our friends son Tyler.
  • Our Stay-cation is over and Ray is back at work. It’s back to the normal grind for us… so much so that I have already been busy cleaning the carpets this morning.  (ugh, ugh and more ugh) I will be happy to be pet free for a few years, but until then the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner I bought last year will be put to good use! I am amazed and disgusted at the same time each time I use it… if I could I would stop anyone or anything from going on the carpets afterward!
  • Noah is napping on the couch right now and he has a habit of sleeping with his eyes half open. He’s done that since we brought him home and it creeps me out every.single.time! I always go and close them, but it never fails, he has them cracked open again within minutes.

That completes this weeks edition of Tell it Tuesday…  I need to eat some breakfast before Noah wakes up and then we need to go to Home Depot to pick up more carpet cleaning solution, because I realized that I don’t have enough to finish the room after I had already started.