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tell it tuesdays

It’s that time again… the time when I get to have a day of just random thoughts.

First… I just found out that Sean Bean is going to be playing the character of Ned Stark in the upcoming HBO series “Game of Thrones”! Both my husband and I agreed, he’s not what either of us pictured Ned looking like, but who knows what they’ll do with make up. For those of you unaware of A Game of Thrones… it is the first book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin. Ray got me hooked and I really need to start reading the second book again! The only problem now is that we don’t get HBO, but we may have to in order to watch it.

Ray and I had a good first anniversary. We weren’t able to go away like we had hoped to thanks in part to his geriatric incontinent dog. So we spent the day buying jeans (we had to get something for him to wear while we are still trying to remove the fish odor from four pair of jeans!), being together and then feasting on ribs and pulled pork and beefy goodness! Noah had his first taste of ribs and I believe he is a fan. Our little eater even had some BBQ sauce with it! It was pretty funny… Noah was sitting there munching away and starting swinging his arm back and forth… not knowing why he was doing it and thinking he was just excited, we continued to eat. Then he started pointing (that’s his new big thing)… at his water cup… and that is when I found out my husband had given our son the BBQ sauce! Thank goodness that Noah can now communicate to some extent, he sucked away at that straw like water was going out of style! He had a fun time though and ate like a king.

labor day weekend on bike 7.21.09We are saying goodbye to our bike tomorrow. Someone came by and looked at the Harley on Sunday and after taking it for a short spin around the block decided he must have it. I cried for the better part of a half hour. Ray has been trying off and on to sell it since last summer, knowing that we wouldn’t be able to ride together now that Noah is here. We had a few dealers call that just wanted to resell it, but we were never willing to match the price they were willing to pay. I’m happy that it is going to a family man and not some dealer, but it is so hard to think that we won’t be riding again for years. I didn’t even know that my last ride would be my last! We had a fun time though and lots of memories and I must stop now before the tears come again.

I have decided that I am only going to do reviews once a week… not that I’ve been doing them much more often than that any way. Some weeks there may only be one, some weeks there may be more, but I am setting Thursdays to be the days I post any reviews and giveaways.

I think I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my WordPress  skin. I liked Blogger, but change is good and I am happy with my decision. The only thing I’m not so happy about is that I couldn’t transfer my Google Friend Connect followers from my old blog over to this one. Sooooo….. if you liked me before and you still like me now and haven’t yet befriended me here, now’s a great time to do so! (Yes I realize how pathetic I sound asking my old followers to move with me, but hey… you can’t blame a girl for trying to get her follow love back up to where it was can you?!?)

We took Noah for a walk on Monday evening and stopped by the park on our way back home so that he could swing in the infant swing. We weren’t able to let him swing though, because some [email protected] or teens decided to use the swing as a urinal! I am pissed (pun intended!). This is a playground that just recently opened up again, because it was completely redone. I really hate that as a parent I can’t even bring my child to something that is intended to be used by children… not unruly teenagers. We live in a townhouse, so it’s not like I have a swing set in my backyard… if I did I think it would still have me fuming, but at least I would know that we had something clean back at home.

That’s all for today. I could go on and on, but I think that’s enough… besides I need to get ready for bed… some little munchkin will be ready to get up early in the morning (yes… this post is pre-written. I figured it wouldn’t kill me to sit down the night before and type it out in peace.)

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  1. Happy Anniversary. I’m glad you gave me a prompt to “refriend” you because I hadn’t noticed they didn’t transfer. I just went to a self-host site and I lost my google ranking, which I really didn’t even know I had! It’s always something.

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