10 Things…

…you may not know about me.

10)     I once ate 9 1/2 hot fudge sunday’s with sprinkles at a Ponderosa… that was after having finished my meal (my parents rules… no dessert unless we finished our meals). I was so proud of myself and so stuffed!!!

9)      I was a nerd already in elementary school. I was an Ohio Future Problem Solver and my group (3 other girls and I) made it to the state finals – I think it was in 5th or 6th grade… I’d have to check the newspaper clipping my mom saved for me. It was a big deal to make it that far and we were so excited!

8)      Though they scared me, I used to love sci-fi movies like Aliens… the only problem was that I didn’t want to go outside in the dark afterward (even years later while living in Germany I would look over my shoulder every few seconds when I would take Sammie for her late night walk to do her thing).

7)      I once dropped my brother down the stairs – he was only a toddler at the time… that might actually explain a few things now 😉

6)      I used to be afraid to go down into the basement after dark… I still don’t like it, but will go if I really have to, making sure I turn all of the lights on when I go down there.

5)      The first professional baseball game I ever went to was a Cleveland Indians game… I can’t remember who they played, but they won and I cried because I was happy (I was an emotional kid!)

4)      I danced ballet for years – I even made it en-pointe.  I stopped dancing when we moved to Illinois… I didn’t like the classes they had in the town that we moved to. I still have my pointe shoes and put them on every now and then (though not since Noah was born)

3)     I love watching a good storm roll in, especially when there is greenage involved and the clouds look the same way sand does under gently rolling waves.

2)     The first time I ever got drunk was while visiting a friend while she was stationed in Pensacola, FL. It happened right before I moved to Germany (where I really learned how to drink thanks to some good German beer). What did I learn from that first drunken adventure… never fly while hungover!!! Especially not in a small plane that seats less than 20 people!!

1)      The number one thing that you may not know about me… I am currently in the process of upgrading to Mama 2.0. This process will last  about another 32 weeks (give or take a few days) and if all goes well, will end with a little brother or sister for Noah!!! This upgrade is happening a little sooner than we were planning and expecting, but we are excited and nervous and freaking out about having two kids 20 months apart and happy. We got to see a sneak peek at the outcome of this upgrade today for the first time and everything looks great so far!

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  1. Congrats on your new addition. My dad use to make me watch those Sci Fi movies. I still freak out and think things are watching me. h

  2. Awww – Congratulations!!! When’s your EDD? So that makes us about a month apart then – just over 16 weeks myself. :o) Great list of 10 things, btw.

  3. So – I can’t add/subtract, for some reason when I saw 32 weeks I thought you were 12 weeks along. Lols. And don’t you hate when they change your EDD further back, this one should have been 1.27 but they changed it to 2.2. Must be something about babies due on the 2nd – haha.

  4. AHHHHH!!!!! Woo Hoo!! Oh my gosh!! I am so happy for ya!! Congrats to you, Ray and Noah!!

    Well, now you know why you are breakin’ out like a teenager:)

    Those Ponderosa Sundaes are kind of small. So nine isn’t too bad:D

    My first professional baseball games was the Detroit Tigers. I went in 1998 and that was when they sucked!! So of course…they lost:(

    I love zombie movies! But for the next two days I have a hard time sleeping. If I watch the movie a view more times I become immuned to it. But if a new one comes out, the process starts all over again. Jason laughs at me, but doesn’t give me a hard time when I keep the nightstand light on:)

    Congrats again:)

    {{Big Hugs}}

    p.s. Noah has to stop with the night partying. You need your rest. Here, let me talk to him:)

  5. Girl… the similarities are too weird…

    Remember that show, Unsolved Mysteries? I couldn’t watch it alone… I always made my LITTLE sister watch it with me!

    Speaking of my little sis… I once picked her up out of her bassinet and carried her to my mom… using a choke-hold. I wasn’t doing it on purpose! But the way I chose to carry her was by wrapping my arm around her neck! My mom about freaked… she had no idea that I had gotten the baby out of the bassinet.

    I danced ballet for about 6 years… but stopped when we moved to AL. And the year we moved, I would have started en pointe.

    There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm… so long as my power doesn’t go out.

    And congrats! My 2nd was not so much an “oops!”, ’cause we had been talking about having another one. But at the time, we had just been TALKING about it… and then it happened. My girls are 2 years and 17 days apart. I worried too, about how I was going to handle having a 2 yr old and a newborn… and later, 2 toddlers… but somehow I did it! And you will, too 🙂 Glad to hear all is going well!

  6. EEK!! How in the world did I miss this post!?!? Many congrats to you, and Ray and Noah, and lot’s of well wishes for an easy pregnancy! So exciting! And I think you’ll be great with two kids 20 months apart. They’ll be best buds too! How cool!!

    I also love watching a good storm come in…hence the reason why I have hardly gotten anything done this afternoon! Whoops!

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