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tell it tuesdays

It’s that time again… but this time it’s an extra special edition, because it’s my blogoversary!! I have been blogging for 1 year now!! I don’t know what I thought when I started blogging. It was all so new and shiny. Did I really think that I would make it a year… and have my own domain to boot? I don’t think that I did, but here I am anyway.

Noah has been waking up around 4:30 am for months… I’m used to it… I get up and bring him back to our bed, where he sleeps until Ray gets up and out of the bathroom around 7:30. Well the past 2 nights, Mr Destructo has decided to wake up between 3 and 3:30 am… and by wake up, I mean he’s wide awake. Monday night he was awake 2 1/2 hours, last night only 1 1/2. It sucks and this pattern needs to be broken ASAP!!

While walking past bratwursts in WalMart, Ray looks over at me and tells me that I have about as much imagination in meal planning as a floppy noodle. Gee thanks!! (He’s right though!)

I am breaking out as bad as a 13 year old boy right now… I hate hormones!!

Noah’s favorite book right now is one that he got on his birthday… Elmo ‘n’ Daddy Play-A-Tune Tale – it plays “Take me Out to the Ballgame” and Noah just loves it!! He will press that button over and over and over again if you let him… it’s so cute, but he may find that one day when he goes to press the button, it doesn’t work because the battery may just be missing. 😉

We have a problem… my brother and his fiance are getting married in Florida in November. Ray and I would like to vacation in Florida for a few days following the wedding (with Noah of course), but… we don’t know what to do with his dog. All of my family will be down in FL, so we can’t ask them. We don’t have any friends close to where we live, so that’s a no go. His brother will be busy working and probably working overtime, so that’s out too. We could ask his mom, but she works at craft fairs and expos on the weekends and is especially busy right before the holidays (I’m still thinking that may be our best bet though). Normally we would just put the dog in a kennel for a few days (that’s what I did with Sammie during my sisters wedding downstate a few years ago), but she’s 15 1/2 years old and we don’t know how well she would do in there. Plus… if anything were to happen to her Ray would be devastated. So now we are in a bit of a pickle. Ray went so far as suggesting that I travel down with Noah the day before the wedding and he’ll fly in on the day of the wedding, stay for the reception and then fly back home. There has to be a better solution than that!! Anyone want to dog sit a geriatric, incontinent dog for a few days in the beginning of November??!! 🙂

Finally, because it’s my blogoversary, everyone who enters the Scenarios for Girls giveaway today and leaves me an extra comment wishing me a Happy Blogoversary will receive and extra entry to the contest!!

6 thoughts on “Tell it Tuesday”

  1. Wish I could help out, but I’m already in Florida! 🙁 Where is the wedding?

    And I was LOLing about Noah pushing the button over, and over, again. Callie does the same thing. In our house, the batteries HAVE gone missing! lol

    I hope Noah get’s back on his schedule SOON!

  2. “I am breaking out as bad as a 13 year old boy right now… I hate hormones!!” – ME TOO! WHat the heck is wrong with us?! I hate the ones on my head! Hormones go away!!!

  3. Happy Blogoversary, my friend!!

    I would help out if Lake Michigan wasn’t in the way:) No really…we are use to peeing dogs. Sydney who is also very old has incontinate problems. Now they say she might have the beginning of kidney disease.

    Sorry to hear that Noah likes to party at night. I can understand your aggravation. I think I would be crying. {{Hugs}}

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