Tell it Tuesday 9/22/09

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  • This past week was filled with Doctors appointments for me. Last Wednesday I had my 11/12 week appointment with my ob. Every thing went great though I was really nervous – I hate the weeks before movement is felt. I get so very paranoid that something has happened, though I’m sure that nothing has. I believe I get like this, because other than the occasional bought of nausea, I really don’t have any pregnancy symptoms. Anyway… like I said, every thing went well, the baby had a great heartbeat of 158 bpm. I left the office feeling very relieved.
  • I had an ultrasound on Friday, and that went well also. The little bugger was really active and giving the tech a hard time. She got some great head shots of him (or her). We were hoping that she might be able to sneak a peek between those tiny little legs to see if it’s a boy or girl, but she wasn’t willing to do that… I guess we have to wait until the next time in November to find out if Noah will have a baby brother or sister.
  • I turn 32 on Saturday – just saying.
  • I’m going to introduce to you our little alien munchkin #2

baby2 face

(now tell me that doesn’t look like an alien’s head is looking straight at you! 😉 Yes I did just call my unborn child an alien – and for the longest time before Noah was born his nickname was “the little leech”… what can I say I have a sick sense of humor! )

baby2 profile 9.18.09

A profile shot where he (or she) wasn’t hyper-extending his neck.

baby2 sideshot

A full body shot with arm, leg and umbilical chord.

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  1. I had my 16 weeks appointment with my Doctor on Monday. And I was a bundle of nerves/fear until she located the heartbeat with the doppler. Once I heard that sound, I was calm and happy. I go back in two weeks to see if my little “Peanut” will be wearing pink or blue.

  2. I was thinking about you all day you were there. I am glad everything looked good. These u/s pics are just beautiful. I can’t wait to hear what you are having. Do you have any gut feelings? I knew with both of mine before they even told me. ha!

  3. Ashley @ SouthMeetsSouth

    Congratulations on your little alien!! Stopping by from SITS. So happy to see a fellow baby maker. Haha! You are just a few weeks behind me. I’m at 20 weeks. We found out a few weeks ago we are having a little girl! I’ll definitely be back to check in on you and see how the pregnancy is going!

  4. I love looking at u/s pics, even though I think they look like…well…aliens!! 😉

    Happy Birthday!!

    And, I left something for you on my blog! 😉

  5. Thank you for stopping by Olympic Adventures. Congratulations on your little alien. I loved my ultrasound appointments. Especially when Lola was giving the tech a hard time because that meant I could sneak a peak that much longer. We did not want to know the sex of the baby, though…

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