Tell it Tuesday 10/6/09

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Welcome to the first October posting of Tell it Tuesday… the weekly post where I tell about anything that happens to be on my mind and anything that may have happened recently.

I love fall. Have I ever mentioned that before? If not, well then now you know it. I love fall. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the fall. Maybe it’s the changing of the leaves or the fact that fall used to mean shiny new school supplies. I don’t know what it is, but even when it’s cold and rainy out… it will always be my favorite season.

Speaking of rain… if any of you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my tweets last Wednesday. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (Why don’t you follow me there? I’m more active there than here during the day!) here’s what happened. I drove to class last Wednesday. It was not a happy afternoon. Noah woke up being the biggest crab monster ever after his afternoon nap and just was not happy. It naturally got to my nerves and I was more than happy to leave the house, but not without being a crab to Ray first (sorry honey!!). I got to class knowing that it would be an easy one for me, since I had given my visual aid speech the week prior. Once again only about 13 people showed up. Of those 13 people, only about half had to give their speeches. The speeches were given one after the next, when suddenly the power went out and the classroom went black. There was a flicker of the lights, more darkness… another flicker and then the emergency lights came on. At this point we were all wondering what had happened. Apparently the whole campus was out of power and within 5 minutes we were told to go home. What should have been a 20 minute drive, took over 40 minutes no thanks to a great deal of rain and traffic that ended up being directed by the local police. The newspaper wrote later that it had been an accident that had caused the whole mess!

We laid low this weekend, having had a very busy one the week before. Ray and I did take Noah out into the rain on Saturday to see if we could find some new furniture for the family room. We love the way the room looks now that the TV is above the fireplace and we were able to move the couches, but those poor things have seen better days and no longer have the support they once had.

I am now on a 2 hour eating schedule… I swear I get stomach growlingly hungry every 2 hours… day and night! It’s not so bad during the day, when I’m up and willing to get food, but nighttime… well it’s just not acceptable. I mean who wants to wake up feeling like their stomach is so empty it will devour itself, only to be too lazy and tired to get up to do anything about it.

I’m getting sick of hearing about the whole Jon and Kate divorce debacle. They need to take their problems away from the media and focus on the things they say are so important to them… family and their children. I honestly do not care to hear that someone took $230k out of the bank (yes you read that right!) and that they can no longer pay the bills, because that money is gone. Really???? You need to have over $230k available to you in your checking to pay the bills… those are some monster bills. I’m so sure it’s all being spent on the kids… and not being used to buy fancy shoes or pay for meals at posh restaurants. Anyway… I will not waste more time on this… and will watch Dirty Jobs now… mmmm

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  1. I know…if they would have quit the show years ago this might not have even happened to them….priorities…

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