Goebberts Farm Pumpkin Patch

We took Noah to a local pumpkin patch/farm yesterday and froze our behinds off! Neither Ray or I thought that it would be as cold as it actually was… in fact, Ray thought I had dressed Noah to warm when I put his heavy winter coat on him. It was only just above 30 degrees though and that coat was the perfect one (it was a steal when we bought it too – only $10!!! what a great end of season clearance find!)… Noah was the only one of us three that wasn’t freezing by the time we left.

The farm had much more to offer than just pumpkins… there were your typical farm animals to be seen, fed and petted as well as exotic animals like giraffe, kangaroos, and even baby tigers!! Noah wasn’t too sure about being in the tent that housed all of those animals though, since there was one cow that kept mooing very loudly (Ray got a picture of it). Noah wasn’t too sure about any of the animals actually – the only exception was the little piglets in the pig race. He really started smiling when he saw them!

We ended our time at the farm by going on a tracker ride to the pumpkin patch and we picked our own to take back home with us. Noah had a blast sitting on the hay bales in the back of the wagon and watching the tractor pull us along over the muddy fields.


16 thoughts on “Goebberts Farm Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Bummer it was so cold! I remember the year before last we really froze at the pumpkin patch. It even started raining at the end. BRRR!

    Cute pictures!

  2. Goodness it is really cold already in your neck of the woods! We are still warm enough during the day to go in t shirts. But the weather is changing fast.

    Good that you got out to the pumpkin patch before it gets too too cold… Those little baby hands get cold quickly. But then again so do the parents. 😉

    Thanks for your kind wishes for Shmo. I think he is trying still. Although he is getting really anxious to go outside.

  3. It sounds like you all made some wonderful memories even though it was so cold! Today is the day we take Graham’s picture with the pumpkin! He is 2 1/2 years old exactly today!

  4. Aww, it sounds like you guys had a great time and made a great memory. Thanks for checking out my site — I’m so glad I discovered yours!

  5. Whoa!! Tigers! That is some kind of patch!!

    Funny thing is that Adela was not happy about the animals either. She only wanted to see the pigs. She thought the cow was loud! At first it seemed she liked it. Oh well!

  6. That looks/sounds like so much fun! I want to see if there is a pumpkin patch anywhere around here, I don’t think I have ever been to one – great family fun!

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