A cyber kind of Monday

I’m having my own version of Cyber-Monday today, but not in the shopping kind of way.

I just spent the past three hours while Noah napped (Yes 3 hours!!! It was bliss, since he usually only naps 1 -2 hours) working on homework to turn in online to one of my teachers. I have 4 assignments due by Wednesday’s class and so far… 1 has been completed and turned in and 1 is about half done. Add to that a speech that I have to prepare for Thursday’s class and a research project that is due next week Wednesday and I know that I will have a few very busy days ahead of me. But thankfully the semester ends the week after next and then I’ll have 4 or 5 weeks to “relax” before the next semester begins… Oh yeah… I decided to take two more classes next semester despite being due mid-term! Fun times!!

To add to the fun and excitement going on here in our household (typed with a strong dose of sarcasm), I found out today that we will be moving forward with the loft conversion next week. Yup… our loft will be turning into baby girls room next week, which means that we have to have everything cleared out of there! We already spent part of the weekend clearing out our desktop PC’s and getting them ready to sell the parts. It’s odd to go up there and see a half empty desk and boxes everywhere. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of my stuff that I had up there and I need to figure out where to store all of Noah’s toys! I seriously think that some of the toys may be taking a vacation to the top shelf of his closet or to the basement for a few weeks. 😉

While I’m looking forward to being able to get the room ready, I am not looking forward to the next few weeks. I will be able to breathe a little easier once finals are taken care of and this semester is over. I will breathe easier once the Christmas decorations are all put up (well the ones that can’t be broken anyway – am really being selective about what I put out there this year thanks to a “little Mr Grabbyhands”), the cards written and the cookies baked. I will be able to breathe easier once I know that baby girl has a real name and not just the fun one Ray has been calling her (no honey we are not calling her that!!). I will be able to breathe easier once the loft is cleared out, the construction done and the room prepped for decorating, but until then… my mind will go 10,000 miles a minute just thinking about everything that still needs to be taken care of.

So if I’m a little scarce the next few days, please excuse me! I will still be here to post some reviews and a giveaway or two (yes I know that I promised one for last Friday – am still working on it!!) and I will still check in with some quick posts here and there to give my brain a break from the school work. I just can’t make any promises as to when and how often I will be able to do that.  =(

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  1. Ahhh – I swear this is one of the most stressful times of the year & to top it off you have all of the extra stuff to go along with it. Just remember, it will all get done. And I’m right there stressing along about room stuff – we have YET to start hers and we are at less than 2 months now, eeks!!! Good luck…
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Well, we made it out alive… =-.

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