The bullying and lies must stop

I HATE drama – I try to avoid it like it is the plague – both in real life, but even more so online. With that said I hate even more that I am even addressing this topic, when there are a million other things that I could and should be doing right now while Noah is napping. I wouldn’t be addressing this topic if it weren’t for the plain and simple fact that somehow my name and this blog has gotten dragged into the whole drama (which I found out this morning while I just wanted to quickly check my email and Twitter before getting on with the rest of my day).

What am I talking about? Well, the Twitter- and Blog-o-sphere have been all a buzz lately about cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. While I knew getting into the blogging world that stalking (both online and in real life) is a potential danger, I wasn’t too concerned… I mean really who would want to stalk me? As it turns out, the authors of a few blogs or Twitter accounts that I follow have indeed become victims. I was oblivious to the whole thing until a day or two ago, when all that you would read on Twitter was cyber-bullying this and cyber-stalker that. So I read 2 posts and 2 posts only. Both of these bloggers said that they are taking action to put an end to the bullying and stalking. I left both of them comments praising them for stepping forward and for shedding some light to what is going on, so that others like me, who were unaware about the situation, could be informed. That was it – and those were the only comments that I wrote to either of them.

Then this morning I find out from a great bloggy friend that I am on a list… a list of bloggers who supported a very controversial post written by another blogger… a blogger who happened to be one of the two that had spoken up about the bullying… a blogger whose blog I did leave a comment on but on an entirely different post. In fact, I hadn’t (and still haven’t) even read the post that I was supposedly a supporter of (and from what I have read about it, it is not a post that I would ever in any way, shape or form support).

Thanks to the help of two great mommy blogger friends, I was able to go to the post that had “called me out” (I type that term loosely and with great disgust) and leave a comment. I was the only non-anonymous commenter on there (not counting one from the blog owner themselves) and now I wait. I hope that the blogger who put my name on that list will correct their mistake (and do a little more research next time) and take my name off of it. If not, well… I still know the truth, which is partly why I am even writing this post. It would be nice to have an apology, or even an explanation of how and why my name got on there, but I don’t expect one and won’t hold my breath.

So here I am and let me tell you that I will proudly stand up and voice myself against bullying of any kind – off- or online. I have never condoned such behavior and I don’t plan on starting to now either. I feel like in a way, I am being bullied and I am being lied about… and these are two things that I detest! I try to be a very honest person, so to have others spread lies about me… and for what? … is very irritating. I could have put links in this post going to any of the 3 blogs that I have loosely mentioned, but I didn’t want to call further attention to them… especially not the blogger who is putting up the incorrect list.

With all of that said, here are some things you should know about me…

1) I hate lies! I try to be an honest person and expect the same from others (heck I won’t even accept an offer to do a review for a kids website, because my child isn’t old enough for that yet… how’s that for being honest?).

2) I can not stand bully’s and bullying- didn’t like them when I was younger and in school and still don’t like them now.

3) Being a Libra, I try to avoid drama and confrontation of any kind at all cost (just ask my family)

4) I will write about what I know and what I believe to be true… I will not write to hurt someone or to bash them – it’s not in my nature to do so.

5) I prefer to avoid controversy – which is why you probably won’t see me air my political views here on this blog very often if at all- there are some things that I believe, that I prefer to keep to myself, and I feel that I am entitled to do so.

There now that I have gotten that off of my chest I can go back to getting my homework finished. If there is anything you would like to add to this, then great. If you would like to find out if you are one of the bloggers whose name is on “the list” then let me know and I can email you the link.

12 thoughts on “The bullying and lies must stop”

  1. I’m sorry you were included on the list. Anyone that knows you would know it wasn’t meant to be there. Don’t let it get you down.

    Work on your schoolwork… not much longer to get through this semester!!!

    Love you!
    .-= Stefany´s last blog ..I’m so close I can taste it! =-.

  2. Be happy you are on that list. It means absolutely nothing when all the people who support it are hypocrits. They say you are a follower, a member.. whatever… but who is following the mob mentality? Who is the real bully now? I see nothing wrong with standing up for yourself especially when you are not the blogger who started the mess to begin with. And aside from that you are standing up for YOURSELF. What is wrong with that I ask??? I won’t stop following you and I won’t stop reading your blog. Let the small minded people have their way. This will die down soon enough and their lynch mob will get bored and tired.

  3. I am stopping by to say hi. And to let you know your name is added back to the list for whatever reason…honestly I think it is all a joke.

    I think you should ignore it. The people who loved your blog before will continue to do so. Or at worst watch things you say a little closer now.

    Those people at the hate-filled website are fanatics. They are in fact encouraging the very thing they claim to want to stop. I don’t think it was very nice that Trisha posted a picture but do I think it was bullying, lord no. In bad taste, yes. Mean, absolutely. But it is her personality.

    I don’t like Obama either, make be a bad person? I don’t think so. The fact is, Everyone needs to grow up and just BE! It is ignorant and embarrassing. We are all different andunfortuantely meanness shows itself in different way. Just take a trip to the blog making the list and y ou can see it in its finest. They’ve decided they are the judges of the blogging community and therefor their word is IT. People, if you have any common sense at all. Go on with your lives and blog like you always have and do with the right intentions. You’ll be just fine!

    Good luck to you here. It looks like you have a great site!

  4. I don’t understand how anyone could have a problem with you or what you write! I haven’t been a follower for long but from what I remember of you in school you were always sweet and friends to everyone. Keep your chin up. There are a lot of stupid people in the world and especially online. :hugs:
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..HIGH SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2008 =-.

  5. What? This sounds too crazy for words. If anyone was cyber bullying me, I would STOP going to their blog to visit : ) Pretty simple, right? That is just craziness! Good luck! : )

  6. Well I’m glad to say that I have been so in and out of blogging lately that I am clueless as to what is going on. Although, I usually am when it comes to blogging controversy. So I hope that the situation gets taken care of for you. That’s not fair. But send me their name and maybe I will leave a horse head on their pillow. 😉 Okay, maybe not that extreme, but I can tell them to Suck It! Think that would help?
    .-= So Not Mom-a-licious´s last blog ..Things I learned about Rain are…well it’s wet. =-.

  7. I avoid controversy like it’s a plague too. I just hate it. I don’t even know what’s going on but that’s actually how I like it.

    However, I’m sorry that you were lumped wrongfully into a category you’re not supposed to be in!

  8. Michaela, I saw you comment on twitter, but wasn’t sure what was going on! Is it a Mommy Queen thing? You know…like Mean Girls. I love your blog. Gosh, I totally missed something. I am sorry you are going thru this.

    I also avoid controversy. I just want to have a fun and easy blog. Just like you have. Who could have a problem with your blog?

    People need to do better things in life.


    Hope things get better:)
    .-= Vickie´s last blog ..HO HO HO! =-.

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