Monday Musings – Christmas update

I’m still here! I had to take a little break from the blog over Christmas. We were crazy busy both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Noah opened his Santa gifts Christmas Eve morning and then his stocking on Christmas Day. Yes… I know that Santa came a day early and it probably won’t be that way next year when he gets what is going on, but he doesn’t even know who Santa is right now.

As it was, in those two days we ended up driving over 200 miles and spent over 4 hours in the car to go and visit our parents (moms Christmas Eve and dads Christmas Day). The good thing was that all of the houses that we had to drive to were in the same area and within 20 minutes of each other, but they were still 2 very long and exhausting days for the three of us.

Noah naturally had a blast. He wasn’t so sure about the gift opening at first (he’s a little OCD when it comes to trash), but quickly got used to it (he just kept giving us the pieces of paper). He was naturally spoiled by all 4 sets of grandparents and got way too many toys! But he loves them and hasn’t stopped playing with them since he’s gotten home… it’s too cute to see how he moves from one toy to the next and then back again.

Santa treated me well. I not only got Photoshop Elements 8 (to replace my lost PhotoImpact 12), but I also got a nice new little Canon ELPH SD1200 to go along with it!! I had started carrying around Ray’s old point and shoot to take “on the go” pictures. He had been talking about upgrading that one to one that was smaller and better for a while, but that’s all it had been was talk… I never thought he would buy one. Let me just tell you I love it!! It’s so cute and small and fits perfectly in my hands (it’s too small for Ray’s hands! ha!). But enough about that… I may have to write a whole post dedicated to it once I’ve had more time to use it. =) (oh I may have also received a new web cam… hello vlogging?!?!)

We spent much of the rest of the weekend taking down Christmas decorations (to make room for the toys) and cleaning up and cleaning out the basement. I won’t lie, that was had for me. Ray is much better at getting rid of things that aren’t being used, while I tend to see the future use of the item. I think there is also a difference between men and women when sentimental value is involved… but in the end we got rid of a lot and now have much more room in the basement.

The contractor was supposed to start work on the loft-to-bedroom conversion today, but he was a no show. ARGH!!! He is now officially fired. He’s been very unreliable in his communication with us and this was the last straw. Now Ray and I have to decide whether or we have someone else come and do the work or we leave the loft as a playroom and bunk Noah and little girl in the same room (once she’s sleeping through the night of course).

Besides the contractor fiasco, we also woke up Christmas day to wet carpet in our bedroom. We thought at first it might be coming in from a window, but no… those were closed and no water was near them. When we went to leave I saw a big wet spot on the ceiling in the garage… right under the one in our room. So we looked outside and saw damage to the roof right below the window. Long story short, the associations contractor finally came by today (we called right away) and he said that the damage was definitely from outside and not caused by anything inside. Our problem now is that we have a ruined carpet and padding, a possibly unsafe subflooring in that spot since it was wet enough to soak through and damage the drywall below, and an association who doesn’t feel that they should be the ones to cover the damage even though it was caused by water leaking through rotted wood and damaged siding. All I’m saying is that they will be hearing from us again. The worst part is that they couldn’t even fix the problem outside today, because it’s too cold and would crack any siding that they have to take off to get to the part that needs to be fixed/replaced. So that means that it could happen all over again if it gets warmer and starts raining… ugh headache!

(okay so it’s actually Tuesday now, but I started this on Monday, so I will leave it as such)

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  1. Contractors are the worse when the don’t hold up to their end of the bargain. A few Christmas’s ago we had a leak in the guest bedroom that got all the way to the first floor and than to the basement. Thank goodness for insurance. Good Luck!!

  2. merry belated christmas! what a little doll you have (i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again! cutie!) hope everything works out housewise… and a happy remaining holiday to you.
    .-= Froggity!´s last blog ..Glad Tidings =-.

  3. Lovely pictures!!! It’s so beautiful to see our babies grow… and kind of hard at the same time as they become more independent! I have a 15mo. girl and she makes my life so much more fun! I love her with all my heart!

    I found your blog through SITS… I love it there! Hopefully you’ll have an opportunity to stop by my blog soon too! 🙂

    Coffee Lovers
    .-= Paloma´s last blog ..FLOUR TORTILLAS – My first attempt =-.

  4. Looks & sounds like you had a great Christmas!

    So sorry to hear about the flaky contractor and the leaking roof. I hope there isn’t as much damage to the subfloor and stuff as there could be.

    Wish you and your family a Happy New Year!
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Happy New Year =-.

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