Call me Rudolph

So… as I mentioned earlier this week, Noah has been sick since the beginning of the week. At first we thought that he was cutting teeth, seeing that his two top I teeth and a molar were on the verge of popping through.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and he was sick… fever, running nose, coughing and just general ickyness. His fever spiked around 103.5F Monday and Tuesday (normal for him… he tends to run high fevers) and then dropped down into the 100F / 101F range for the rest of the week. He’s been off and on as far as his mood goes… but he’s definitely been more whiny than normal.

Thursday was the worst day of the week. It started around 3 am… he woke up (probably with a sore throat since he had been breathing through his mouth), I got him a bottle of water and a bottle of milk and brought him to our bed. He drank some of the milk, gave me the bottle and settled down to go to sleep. After a few minutes he started coughing and before I knew it I had a shoulder and pillow covered in milky puke! Great!!! So I got him, took care of the pillow (meaning I took it off of the bed, made sure there was no puke anywhere else and grabbed another one to sleep on) and took Noah to his room to get him cleaned up. He not only got it all over his pj’s, but also in his hair!! ewww!! Can I just say that being pregnant and having to smell that almost made me want to put my head over the toilet!! Anyway, he got cleaned up and we went back to bed for about an hour. He got restless and I took him downstairs to the couch where we slept until about 6am… very restful let me tell you.

Fast forward to 3pm… he actually had an appetite that day, so he ate some breakfast and lunch. He was playing with me on the floor when he started coughing… mind you that his nose was running non stop so I figured the cough was due to that. He was having a coughing fit and came to me to get some loving when all of a sudden… blech!!!! Projectile vomit all over me… omg I thought I was going to puke then too!! He felt better within minutes (I think he got a kick out of seeing me try to get out of my clothes without getting anything more on me… the whole time going ewww). It was a blast!!

I had class last night and I could just feel myself getting sick… my nose was getting stuffy and I had a sore throat. I kept telling myself that it was because the school didn’t have the humidity that our home has… yeah that was it! Then last night Noah woke me (again) around 3:30am and I could barely swallow my throat was so sore. My nose was very stuffed up too. Great! He got me sick!!

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So here I’ve been today, wiping Noah’s nose every 5 seconds, trying to keep him happy, while feeling like crap myself. I have gone through almost a whole box of tissues today and my nose feels raw. I look like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and sound like the nose covered version of him too. I had planned on posting a review Thursday and another Foto Friday, but that I couldn’t… my eyes are burning and lets face it… Noah wouldn’t let me anyway.  As much as I tried not too, I got sick and that means that I may be taking a small blogging break until I feel a bit better (hopefully only a day or two!!).

I just wanted to touch base though and update!! Oh – one of Noah’s teeth did finally pop through today… it looks like he’s got cute little pointy vampire I teeth just like his daddy!!

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  1. Oh man!!!!! That’s rough. Poor little guy and pregnant you. Jason’s little girl did that coughing puke thing. UGH. She gave me her cold as well. Wednesday my nose was raw from blowing. I made friends with NyQuil and Mucinex. Feeling MUCH better now. Take lots of vitamens and drink tons of water.
    Hope you get better quickly!
    .-= Angelia´s last blog ..Why I heart Facebook <3 =-.

    1. Yeah, that’s the first time he did the cough puke thing and I have learned from it!! No more hugging while coughing ha!
      I sooooo wish I could take something right now… NyQuil sounds like a dream come true… but alas vitamins and water it is. =(
      I’m glad that you’re feeling better!

      1. Hey Mich,
        Talk to your obgyn. When I got sick before Christmas, I was allowed to take cold/flu medicine…There are certain types of cold meds that are perfectly safe for pregnant women. Hope you two feel better soon!

  2. Eww. Yuck. Barf. Feel better now? I hope so. I HATE when that happens; it’s the one aspect of motherhood I cannot tolerate…I know I should…

    (Please don’t wait til the laundry is folded!)

  3. Having a sick child is bad. Having a sick child and being sick yourself is really bad. But having a sick child, being sick yourself, and being pregnant — well, that’s just the jackpot of the bad luck lotterey. I hope you feel better soon!
    .-= Kimberly Lee´s last blog ..Making Room for Baby, Part Two =-.

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