My big boy!

Noah reached a pretty big milestone today… he is spending the night sleeping in his new big boy bed and not in his crib!!

We got up early Saturday morning and drove to Ikea. We had planned on getting Noah a loft bed and placing the mattress on the ground for Noah to sleep on until he was old enough to sleep up on top. We found a mattress that we thought would be good for him (though expensive) and everything that is needed to go along with the bed. When we got downstairs to the warehouse area, we found that there was only 1 box left and it was opened.


Long story short, we completely changed our minds and ended up getting him an extendable toddler bed (the one you see on the side). We packed everything up and drove home, only to realize that we didn’t have the wooded slats that the mattress rests on… so back Noah and I drove back to Ikea to go and get them. I asked someone in the service area where I could find them and easy enough… there they were just a few feet away from the bed we had just bought.

Now, just to clarify… I love Ikea… we have gotten along well with each other since I lived in Germany and they have gotten lots and lots of money from me… I hate the store that is closest to where I live though. It doesn’t follow their usual layout and had everything spread out over 3 floors. Making a second trip to that store on a Saturday afternoon (during the busiest time possible) was torture for me, but I was determined to get everything for the bed. So imagine my frustration when I got home only to find out that the slats I had just bought were the wrong size. The girl at the service counter told me to get the wrong ones, despite looking in the system while holding my receipt w/ the bed’s code on it!!! I was thoroughly ticked off!!

So this morning I packed up Noah… again… drove the 20 miles… again… and went to Ikea… again. I returned the wrong slats and got the right ones… after a little shopping of course (I left Ray at home since he’s got what Noah and I have had these past 2 weeks). We drove back home to find that Ray had brought Noah’s big boy bed into his room and moved the furniture a bit… I ended up moving it around a little more while he napped again… and then we moved it one final time afterward. The bedding was washed, the slats and mattress in place and Noah tried out his bed!

He kept crawling up into it… then he would giggle as he sat there and then after a minute or two he would crawl back out… only to do the whole thing over again… over and over and over again!!! He really seemed to love his new bed (and Ray and I made a big deal of it too!), but in the backs of our minds we were wondering if he would still love it later in the evening at bedtime.

We found out soon enough. Noah only took one tiny nap on the way to Ikea this morning and was ready for bed earlier than usual. We did manage to stretch bedtime out until 7:30 though and the test began. We followed our normal routine, with 1 exception… the bedtime stories weren’t read on the glider, but in his bed (well he was in the bed… I sat next to it). We then started his seahorse and said our prayers… I kissed him goodnight and said “night night” which he tried to repeat a few times and after a minute I walked out of the room. We watched him in the monitor as he tossed and turned for the next 10 minutes and then… no movement and silence! He was asleep!!! No crying, no fussing, no trying to get out of bed… he did turn the seahorse back on when it shut off, but that was it!

Since then he has complained once for less than a minute before going back to sleep. I’m hoping that this is a good indication of the night ahead of us! We will be opening his door a crack when we go to bed, but not before we put a gate up in it (we have to open his door or his room will be a freezer in the morning). I’ll let you know how it went!!

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    1. Yeah I wondered about the mattress too. The mattress actually comes in 3 pieces. The biggest piece stays in and you add the two smaller ones as the bed gets bigger. They even sell special bedding for it too there.

  1. Hi, belated new Friday Follow.

    For our daughter Sofia, we used the “big girl bed” as incentive for her to lose the night time binky. Worked like a charm!

    Love your blog layout. Very well done.

    .-= Maria┬┤s last blog ..Bullying At Its Worst =-.

  2. Wow, sounds like he’s really taken a liking to his new bed. Kinda makes me wonder if we should make the switch from the convertible crib toddler beds we’re using for my 2-yr old twins to “toddler beds”. I’ve never heard of the bed you’re talking about so I’ll have to check it out. They really want bunkbeds but I’m not sure they’re big enough yet for those kinds of beds.

    I hope the transition continues to go smoothly. It must have made your heart melt to see him go to sleep so easily!
    .-= Helene┬┤s last blog ..Believe it or not, there were some positive moments this weekÔÇŽ =-.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I will feel comfortable with him in a bunk bed for another few years! They nice thing about this bed is that it is low to the ground like a toddler bed. It’s as long as a toddler bed right now too, but as wide as a twin. As he grows it can be pulled out and made longer. The only place I’ve seen a bed like this is at Ikea.

      It did break my heart a little to see him just lay there and not try to get out of bed as I was leaving the room! Nap time the next day was a whole different story though! lol!

  3. Congratulations to Noah!!! Yay!! That’s a big step and sooo cool.

    That’s really weird about the IKEA by your house and the layout. How irritating. Normally, I love IKEA but not if I have to make a trip twice in a busy weekend. Our IKEA is about 45mins away. Yuk!

    Glad it finally worked out and he likes it. He really likes it. ­čśÇ

    1. They were trying something new with this store and people either love it or hate it. Personally, I hate it. There is another store 20 miles further away, but it would take me 1 1/4 hours to drive to that one rather than 35 minutes.

      I do go to the one that’s further away whenever I go to visit my parents, because it’s in the town where they live.

      He does like it, but more so at bedtime than at nap time!! ha

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