Keeping busy {Wordless Wednesday}

When it’s cold out and there’s nothing better to do, I let Noah rearrange my plastics cabinet.

Noah cabinet

He likes to really get in there and pull everything out and then play with it all. It usually gets us a good 30 minutes playtime (and yes I make sure that everything is cleaned again before using it! ha!)

Noah playing with bowls

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17 thoughts on “Keeping busy {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. This was one of Callie’s favorite things to do too…till we put safety locks on all the cabinets. I know….mean ‘ol mommy & daddy! When I’m in the kitchen, I’ll open the plastics cabinet up, and let her in then. lol

    And you clean them? You are better than me! I just through them back in the cabinet! lol

  2. I’m telling you, letting my daughter play in the tupperware cabinet is the only way I get any serious cooking done. And sometimes? Mommy needs brownies bad enough to make cleaning all those dishes seem worthwhile.
    .-= amber´s last blog ..Top Ten Ways to Procrastinate. =-.

  3. Mine loves to play in the plastic lid drawer. Oh what fun. Give her a wooden spoon to go along with it and she’s in heaven. 🙂

    Love it!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Good to see ya.

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