Spring {Foto Friday}

We got a taste of spring this week here in the Midwest! Noah had fun chasing the football and started to get used to what it feels like to walk on grass again. Abby was out in the fresh air with us too, but confined either to her carseat or my arms. And… despite the threat of snow again this weekend, my emerging tulips let me know that winter is on it’s way out!!!

8 thoughts on “Spring {Foto Friday}”

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty nice to not have to see the white stuff anymore (though it did return this weekend. It didn’t last though!) I hope Spring comes to you soon!!

    1. I can’t believe how much snow you have gotten! I didn’t think it was supposed to snow that much in Texas! We got hit with some more snow this past weekend, but thankfully that didn’t last long and it’s nice enough to go outside again.

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