A little help from you…

I need your help… if you look down a little, there is a survey that is just begging to be filled out. By filling it out, you’ll not only be helping me get to know my readers (that’s you!!!) better, but it will also let me know if the reviews and giveaways I’ve been doing and am planning for the future are the right ones for the majority of you.

The survey should only take a minute or two to fill out… there’s an extra spot on the bottom to write any comments you would like to write. It is all anonymous… so don’t be shy… I won’t know who wrote what 😉

Thank you!!

[googleapps domain=”spreadsheets” dir=”embeddedform” query=”formkey=dF9DdTVmYVJFWXluZk9GRDVwQzFGT2c6MQ” width=”580″ height=”1240″ /]

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