Tell it Tuesday – Again

Tell it Tuesday

  • Just a quick update today. Time is flying by and I don’t know where it’s going! Abigail is almost 2 months old… in some ways she still feels so new and then in others it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever. She’s got her own little personality already. She’s not much of a crier, instead she grunts… a lot. She’ll push it up a notch when she’s uncomfortable or isn’t getting what she wants. Every now and then she’ll make a little sound and her sweet little voice lets itself be heard. Although she doesn’t cry often, she is like her brother and likes to cry when I take my shower… she doesn’t like being alone… and last week she actually shed tears… poor little thing.
  • Noah is still a very attentive big brother… sometimes too attentive… her pacifier falls out and he tries to stuff it back in her mouth… so now the rule is that he has to give it to either Ray or me and we will give it back to Abby. He still showers her with thousands of kisses a day… it doesn’t matter if she’s awake or asleep, eating or playing, dressed or in the middle of a diaper change… he gives her kisses when he wants to and no one better try to stop him!
  • Noah started getting a fever last week when we were visiting my mom to say good-bye before her trip to Germany. I knew that he was cutting another tooth, so I didn’t think much of it. Well, the fever didn’t want to go away and he was miserable. Finally Saturday it started going down on its own… and then the rash came. It turns out that he was not only cutting a tooth, but had also gotten roseola… fun times! He’s pretty much over it now… only has traces of the rash left and  his runny nose is not nearly as runny as it was this weekend!! Ewwww!
  • It’s down to the grind with classes this semester. I have 3 weeks left and 4 exams to take… ick! I’m this.close to an A in my Psych class… I’m only 1/2 of a percentage point away from it, so it’s all or nothing with the exam and quiz in that class this Thursday.

I will end it with that… I need to study while the boy is eating and baby girl is letting me know that she’s hungry again. I’m curious to see how much she’s gained these past two months… her 2 month birthday and Dr’s appointment is tomorrow.

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