Squeaky Clean {Foto Friday}

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Abby loves bath time… though you wouldn’t know it from the expression on her face in the photo below (she had just gotten rinsed off). She just lays in the tub and splashes around in the warm water… smiling and cooing the whole time. Getting dried off on the other hand is a different story!! She doesn’t get a bath everyday, but she did get one today… and Ray got the camera out and played with his new lens before she was taken out of the tub. Look at how chubby her little cheeks are getting… and I just love that little double chin!! Happy  10 weeks little girl!

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8 thoughts on “Squeaky Clean {Foto Friday}”

  1. Oh, she’s so cute! My boys all HATED baths when they were newborns and would scream. It didn’t take long for them to love them, but those first few weeks were rough.

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day on Monday! Yes, I’m thanking everyone who visited, which is why I’m so far behind this week. LOL

  2. Abby’s a living doll! She feels the same way I do about baths! I don’t like getting in, because I can always find something I need to do, but once I’m in, I love it, and don’t want to get out. LOL!

    God Bless!


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