Tell It Tuesday – May 18th

Tell it Tuesday

  • Here we are again and I am happy to say that I have 3 exams behind me and have one left to take on Thursday. While I don’t have the result yet of the exam I took last night, I am proud to say that so far I’m getting an A in the class… I sure hope to keep the streak going! Hopefully I’ll know by early to midweek next week.
  • We started reorganizing the house this weekend… well… I had mentioned to Ray that I wanted to have an extra bar to hang Abby’s clothes on in Noah’s closet and instead of just adding one, he went and redid the whole closet for me by adding a Closetmaid closet system!! I was like a little girl in a candy store! We have so much more room in there now and although I had to find a new home for the vacuum, I was able to get everything else back in there that was in there as well as all of Abby’s clothes and the clothes in Noah’s top dresser drawer (which is now housing Abby’s pj’s and socks). Ray added the last 3 shelves today after work and I am in love! I still have a little work to do in the closet, but I am already so happy with the change and the extra room it has given us.
  • I could go on, but my brain is a little fried tonight… so instead I will let you know that I have another post up at If you’re curious to find out what word Noah said before he started calling me Mama, then I suggest you go over and check it out.

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