I’ve taken a break… my reader is overflowing with post after post yet to be read and I cut back the amount of time that I spent online these past two weeks. Instead I have been reading, and reading, and reading some more. When I wasn’t reading, I was spending time with my husband while watching a movie (or the occasional hockey game – Go Blackhawks!!), crocheting (pictures to come once the toys are stuffed and finished) and contemplating whether or not it is a good idea to make handmade soap in a home with two small children (if you have experience with this, your thoughts are greatly appreciated!).

I needed that break… not that I felt overwhelmed by the blog or pressured to post on a daily basis. I love to write and get my thoughts and feelings written down on “paper”. This blog is my baby (well, my online baby)… and I love almost everything about it. There are some things though that had started eating away at me over the past few months and I guess they finally got to me enough so that I had to step away and think about what to do.

Although I was never a big review blogger (and it was never my intention to become one either)… I did get into reviewing products and writing about them on here. Let’s face it… it’s nice to get free things and talking about it and telling others about them is something that many of us women are good at. If I like something I will spread the word about it and let you know how much and why I like it. The opposite is also true (and speaking of that, after watching New Moon today, I may or may not write a post about why I will not be watching any more of the Twilight saga movies) and I’m not afraid to let someone know if I think that something is total crap and a waste of money.

That said, I’ve started to feel cheapened by some of the reviews that I have accepted. The review posts are always on the back of my mind and I feel the pressure of getting them posted in a timely fashion… it made me start to wonder if a $4 bottle of body wash or a CD was worth feeling that way. Sure it’s nice to get something for free… I think most of us will agree on that, but is that really part of who I want to be? I’m trying to rid myself and my life of extra “stuff” and isn’t it just “stuff” that I’m getting and writing about (although at times it is very useful stuff).

So… in an effort to be more true to myself… and everyone else through this blog… I will now be extremely choosy as to which reviews and giveaways I accept and will post. It’s not that I won’t ever post any on here anymore (I still have a few to post that I have already accepted and received merchandise for), but you probably won’t see me posting about cereals, deodorant or things of that nature any more.

I want this place to be my little bliss… the place where I can go to let loose and talk to friends… while not feeling pressured to do anything… just be myself. I’ve been feeling like I’ve started to lose sight of me – both online and off – and this is the first step that I am taking to change that!

9 thoughts on “Bliss”

  1. I came to this point a few months ago myself. I have become much more selective in what I will or won’t review, and it’s a great way to streamline my blog. It also means that the reviews I do are of better quality, and I’m treated better.

  2. I think as mothers we have all come to the place your at once in awhile. I know being the mom of a young Diabetic daughter and an overly rambunctious son has really made me put some things I was doing in perspective and I too felt like I was getting bogged down with my stores and soap making, etc…I never have even had time to start my blog and I love to write. So I know where your at.

    Which brings me too soap making with 2 young kids. My kids are 8 and 4 and they know when I bring out the lye it’s poison and they need to leave me alone for a few minutes to make the batch of soap. They have seen it enough to know.
    I store my lye up high in my basement and mix it down there or outside.
    I say if it’s in your heart to learn how to make soap properly and you know what safety precautions to take then your kids will be fine and so will you. You can make a batch of soap in about 10-15 minutes once you know the process. But let me warn you- it’s highly addicting and not a cheap hobby.:)
    If your worried about the kids, you can do it while they are sleeping.
    I say give it a go if you truly want to try it.

    1. Thank you for your insight!! I was most worried about the lye… I think nap time or bed time would be best do make soap. I’m still busy reading up on everything right now, but hope to be able to make a batch in the next few weeks.

  3. I’m with you, I’ve gotten VERY selective over what I review, if anything. Something about when you do and then realize its not something you’re a fan of…makes me feel like I’ve sold out. *sigh*

  4. You and I came to this conclusion at about the same time I think! I have also cut back drastically on the time I’m online. Life was passing me by.

    1. What’s crazy is I was only online at night or early in the morning… and I’ve even cut that back drastically… my kids schedules are changing and I don’t want to be tied down to the laptop.

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