Off with his…


It’s been hot here in the Midwest. The temperature has been rising up to the high 80’s to low 90’s for the past few days now but factor in the humidity and it feels more like high 90’s to low 100’s… that’s just plain ol’ oppressively hot. While I’m loving the sunshine, I’m not a fan of feeling like you’ve walked into a sauna as soon as you open the front door.

I must say though that it has been nice here in the house. The air has been running non stop and has been doing a good job keeping both the heat and humidity under control here in the house… during the day at least. At night the temperature drop outside and the air doesn’t kick on… and it gets hot and uncomfortable in the house again. Noah’s room tends to be the worst and sometime during the night he will come crawling into our bed to cool  off in our room. When that’s not good enough for him anymore, he will get up slide out of bed and head to the top of the (gated) stairs. I’ve spent part of the past two nights with him downstairs on the couch, just because it’s cooler down here and he can get to sleep again.

Ray has been talking of buzzing off Noah ‘s hair for a few weeks now and I have always veto’d it. I was afraid of what he would look like and I didn’t think that he had enough hair to pull off that look. Seeing my child so miserably hot and sweaty within minutes of falling asleep though has changed my mind.

And so that is why my son went from looking like this:

Noah before haircut

to looking like this:

Noah after haircut

and while it didn’t stop us from sleeping down on the couch again at 4 am, it did help with the sweaty head problem!

13 thoughts on “Off with his…”

  1. He’s just the cutest little guy! I know exactly what you mean about it getting hot again at night inside! We have a two-story house and the upper floor is even worse.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, our upstairs is horrible in this heat. We’ve decided that the ac needs to get lower at night, so that the upstairs will finally cool down. What’s worse is that our bedroom is over the garage, so it’s always either too hot (summer) or way too cold (winter). sigh

    1. Yeah!! It’s taken me 3 day to get used to it. Noah likes it though and that’s all that matters (it’s also good that it’s already growing ;p )

  2. Awwww! He’s a cutie with no hair! We live in NC, and don’t have ANY AC. Unfortunatly, I can’t (or won’t) shave my daughters head 😛 We actually enjoy the cool down in the evening and morning because it’s the only time of day when the house is bearable!

    1. Haha, I wouldn’t dare shave my daughters hair either! I wish we could enjoy the cool down, but at 90+% humidity, it’s still really sticky out.

    1. Thank you! I said the same thing and my husband thought I was nuts, because he thinks it make him look younger. I thought he instantly looked older.

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