Wisconsin Dells Ducks {Foto Friday}

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We recently had a week of vacation and decided to spend a few days in Wisconsin Dells… and though it is the water park capital of the US, we didn’t visit a single one.

We  started out the day waking our two little ones… who were finally sleeping peacefully in the hotel bed. From there we went and had a very delicious breakfast at Mr Pancake… I didn’t think to get my camera out for that, though the building it was in looked like a steamboat, which was pretty cool. Our next stop was the…

This was my first time in the Dells and I had never heard of the duck tours… apparently they are pretty well known up there. The “ducks” are old WWII vehicles that can drive on land and in the water… pretty interesting!!

Ray and Noah at the beginning of the tour.

Two-thirds of the tour was on land and we got to see not only the beautiful landscape,

but also the wildlife… like this turkey…

and this soft shelled turtle…

That’s the famous Abby-monster trying to eat her way out of captivity!!

And Noah got to see some white tailed deer as well.

I think the most fun he had though was when we were driving fast up and down the hills… he seemed to think we were back at Great America!!

What exciting photos do you have to share with us this week?


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  1. We love the Duck tours!! We’re going up there in a week. The day after I walk my 3 day walk. I can not wait to relax!! I love the last picture!

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