Sleeping buddy {Foto Friday}

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This giraffe was given to us by a friend of the family… who just happens to be my former 9th grade English teacher!! She loves giraffes and bought this one for Noah… I know that I have a picture of him trying to eat it posted on here somewhere!

Anyway… Abby decided to play with it one day… which meant that I also let her play with it while she was in her swing. A few minutes later I found the two of them like this…

Abby sleeping in swing with giraffe

I had to capture the moment!!

This seems to have been Abby’s week. I took a couple of great shots of Noah over the past few days with the DSLR, but they need to be converted to jpeg’s before I can post them… so it will be Noah’s turn next week!! =)

But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves! It’s your turn to share now, so link up and show us your best shot!

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  1. You still have the little plastic giraffe you had as a baby? It’s neck broke on one side in the end. You loved it because the neck was the perfect fit for your little hand to hold on to and you just loved it. Looked different than Noah’s giraffe, lot’s smaller and a soft plastic but same animal :). Grandma & grandpa gave it to you when we came to the USA to visit, you were 2 month old. Cute pix!!

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