Sick Day

I’m taking a sick day… or two.

Noah starting coming down with something Friday night… sniffles and coughing… then he started getting warm. Saturday at noon his temp was 102F… a bit too high for mid day, but he gets that from his mama. I used to get high fevers quickly too when I was younger. Thankfully ibuprofen works great on him and his fever was down in no time and he was feeling much better. Our weekend was shot though and any plans we may have had to go anywhere were canceled.

Monday Noah was just dealing with the sniffles and a little cough, but my throat started hurting… and I could start to feel it… the oncoming cold. Well it’s found me… and I wish it would leave. It found Ray too. So I’m taking a sick day… from the blog… because you know mama’s don’t get sick days at home!

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